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Our Design and Development Services

Bosfor is a well-established company in terms of web development. We not only develop high quality websites for our customers, but also a variety of web applications. Through our great experience we can build websites for any industry and solutions that can help you meet your goals.


Our web design services have an incredible value. Our team is very committed to the development of websites that look spectacular and function perfectly for the users.


Our design team is capable of producing high quality promotional material ranging from banners, brochures, stationary panels, flyers and more.


Qëllimi kryesor i zhvillimit të web-eve është duke përdorur platforma të ndryshme si PHP, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Laravel etj dhe duke përdorur metoda të ndryshme të specializuara si XHTML.


The Android application development service mainly focuses on innovation and creativity of developers with the technical competence to deliver effective, high-quality, user-friendly, and efficient apps, according to business growth strategy.


Digital marketing services are primarily oriented towards promoting a company’s growth. With the best service in the market, our professionals can help customers increase consumer engagement and exposing their websites and apps.


The content writing service mainly produces a direct response to web pages and blogs. We have a team specialized in providing relevant content to the website. Each page targets a specific audience and requires different content. Content should contain keywords that aim to improve the SEO website.


How We Work

Getting to know you & your business

To plan and build the best website possible for your business, we first need to get to know you. You’re the expert on what you do and who you do it for. Our job is to shape that knowledge and apply it to the web.

Architecture & Strategy

Now it’s time to assess your existing content and website structure. During this phase we generate a site map to work as a blueprint for the overall structure of your site. This allows us to document functionality and establish what your site users will need where.

Style Exploration

With strategy and planning well under way, we begin exploring ways to bring your brand online by working with colour palettes, typography and textures. By separating aesthetic choices from content, we’re able to focus on bringing your brand alive on the web.

Web Design

Taking the prototypes and style tiles, we pull together the final creative vision for your website. From homepage designs and interior style guide, to hover states and typographic styles, we nail down the design systems that will be applied throughout the site.

Site Launch

Now that the content is in and the site has been quality assured and tested, we create a launch plan to archive your old site and release your shiny new one to the public. We ensure analytics are in place and that your site is submitted to the appropriate search engines so it’s ready to work for your business.

Building Your brand

Using the website as a central content hub, we begin the ongoing process of creating new targeted content and supporting it with SEO strategies and social media referral techniques. With a constant and consistent effort your website will impact your business profoundly. See results in our case studies.
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